Delphi Mentor 2.0

As of September 2009, we are repositioning the original Delphi Mentor proposal to a different level, changing both the pricing structure and the services included in the flat-fee offer. Rather than including actual support and mentoring activities in the (much higher) fee, we are offering a basic consulting level (either in dedicated newsgroup areas or shared ones) for a very low fee. This fee doesn't include any debugging and source code analisys, but only direct response to unlimited questions over a private newsgroups. Any further consulting service will be billed per-user at a given fee, in case the team realizes the questions posed are two complex for a simple and direct reponse.

The advantages for users include a very low fee, the unlimited number of questions that can be asked (even if much less in depth), and the ability to access to full consulting services in a very timely matter when deemed appropriate.

Marco Cantu and the Delphi Mentor Team.

What is Delphi Mentor?

Do you use Delphi and need help from time to time, both making the right architectural decisions and solving your day-to-day problems? Do you find newsgroups helpful, but want something more? Do you want a chance to discuss your software strategy with some experts, without letting everyone else know? What about posting code snippets and not giving your code away? was started to address these needs. It features a group of Delphi experts, providing guidance and direct help. It is like having a group of consultants always available to answer your questions and solve your doubts, both the complex architectural ones and the simple trouble in using a given property or method. is a flexible service, that will be adapted to your needs. It provides you with either a shared newsgroup area or a private one specific to you or your company, where you can freely post even portions of your code or discuss your company software strategy.

The (New) Deal and Rules

  • Delphi mentoring and technical consulting service, by a group of Delphi experts headed by Marco Cantu. Get help with your technical problems, strategic decisions, coding errors, everything short of a complete debug session and code analysis session. Have access to extra resources (from direct online consulting to face-to-face activities) on demand and with fixed fee.
  • A non-technical area for announcements, information, news, and chats.
  • One or more technical discussion areas open to all subscribers to the service.
  • Optional private discussions areas over NNTP. In this case only you (your company) has access to the area
  • Optional consulting services on Skype or other online connection services, pre-arranged with one of the experts of the team.
  • Fixed yearly price, starting at 96 Euros/year for accessing shared areas, or at 160 Euros/year to have a private dedicated areas.

Needless to say the current rules might change, but only in a way that is more favourable to (paid) users!

Read the details of the offer.