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Essential Pascal

Translating the Book

Joining/Revising a Translation

If you are interested in joining a person doing an existing translation, please get in contact with the person at the mail address in the translations list (see Essential Pascal home page). If you can provide this person fixes, hints, or actual help in doing the work, thanks a lot. Only if you have problems contacting the translator, than contact me.

New Translations

If you, or your user group, are interested in translating the book please email me and follow these simple guidelines:

  • Keep the copyright notice referring to me as original author in each page and freely add a copyright notice referring to your translation effort.
  • Differently form the past, I'd rather prefer to have a copy of the translation on my own web site. If you also want to keep a copy on your site (and we can keep the two in synch), or want to add a clearly visible link from mine, or have alternative proposals, I'm open to suggestions. In any case, the translated book should be make available for free.
  • The translator is not allowed to sell it or even distribute the material freely to other sites, as a printed text, on a CD, or in any other way, unless there is a specific permission from the author. Of course, if selling the material becomes an opportunity we might be able to pursue it, and me --the author-- and you --the translator(s)-- will share the royalties.
  • Try to make your best to keep the material up to date with my changes, as the text will change from time to time. I'm mantaining a list of recent changes in the file trafixes.htm. If you end up with a lot of work and no free time, we'll probably try to look for another person helping out.
  • Finally, inform me if you are willing to undertake such an effort, as I'd like to know what is going on and to avoid any kind of conflict.