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Friends Pages

  • Bob Swart (Dr. Bob), author of countless articles, book reviews, and many wizards and tools. His site is usually the most up to date with news on Delphi
  • UK Borland Developers Group, producers of the DIL CD and of great events
  • Brian Long, a Delphi top expert
  • Chee Chong Hwa Malaysian site for ex-Clipper programmers
  • Ray Konopka book and components author
  • John Lam's IUnknown site, mainly devoted to COM and now .NET programming. (often unreacheble, but invariably comes back to life).
  • Bruce Eckel C++ and Java author, the site includes his free book "Thinking in Java" and the update of his "Thinking in C++" book.
  • Charlie Calvert, another Delphi and C++ author, works at Borland Developers Relations
  • Xavier Pacheco, author and consultant
  • Chad's Kudzu World, Chad Hower web site with papers and components related to Internet programming with Delphi
  • Mike Orriss, author of DTopics
  • Jedi Project, a group of volunteer who started translating special Windows APIs to Delphi, including DirectX, and now are the primery source of open source libreries for Delphi, actively maintained and developed.
  • Nick Hodges, TeamB member, Borland conferenca speaker, and renowed author of TSmiley.
  • Andrea Provaglio, Java and C++ expert, frequent lecturer at conferences.

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