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Mastering Delphi 2 Mastering Delphi 2


Although the book was revised with care and checked against the final version of the product some errors crept in. A first list of things I've found is in this page. If you notice anything else please let me know, and I'll try to keep this page updated.

  • Introduction, Page xxxv, the final part of the first paragraph is quite different from what I originally meant. Basically it should read: "I have since used other languages, but have come back to Object Pascal and now use it frequently. When I was first introduced to Delphi and its Object Pascal language I found it so neat that I changed my first choice programming environment and my job. At first this meant taking a risk (why bet on a new environment before knowing any user feedback?), but Delphi has later been so successful that I can now say my original bet was a good one." How the text came out as it is in the book, is a long story…
  • Chapter 1, Page 12, the last line of the note should read: "... so that it would _not_ be removed" (the "not" is missing).
  • Chapter 5, Page 128, two paragraphs before the subheading "The Delphi Object Model", the last sentence should read: "The _second_ expression (i.e., Day.Year) stands for a direct data access; the _first_ (Day.LeapYear) for a function call."
  • Chapter 5, Page 129, the fourth line of the listing at the end should read: "ADay := Date.Create" (and not "Day := ...").
  • Chapter 6, Page 196, Table 6.1, "PopupMenu": the text indicates the popup menu is displayed when pressing the left mouse button. Of course, you should read right mouse button.
  • Chapter 6, Page 209, towards the middle there is a leftover indication of the Delphi 1 directories. You should use the Delphi 2 directories, instead. However in Delphi 2 this technique works in a very odd way. Closing and reopening the system helps to make it work, at times... but there is certainly a bug in this area.
  • Chapter 7, page 223, in the second listing the color should be assigned to "Label5", not the non-existent Label7.
  • Chapter 7, Page 230, fifth line refers to TButton instead of TEdit. Should read: "...which in this case was TEdit."
  • Chapter 15, page 493, third bullet, read "grandchild" instead of "nephew". We use the same word in Italian, and I always get them wrong in English.
  • Chapter 19 discusses multithreading, and although there are no main errors I've found, some readers pointed out that it is not stated clearly that the VCL is not thread-safe, and this is the reason you need the Synchronize call when accessing to it.